Best in Class eBook Production for Rendering on All Devices

Etechglobalserve ePublishing enables publishers to convert titles into their preferred format to maximize interactivity, mobility and flexibility, and cross-platform compatibility.

Multiple Input Formats: Etechglobalserve ePublishing has expertise in all kinds of conversions from a diversified range of input formats, facilitating:

  • Quark, InDesign and PDF to eBooks
  • Hard Copy to eBook Conversion
  • XML Conversion
  • Manuscripts, Print, Image and Word files Conversion

Compatibility for all Key Readers:

  • ePub3 for Apple, Kobo; Google, Samsung and other Android devices and Overdrive.
  • Kindle for Amazon Kindle Fire, Kindle Fire HD & Kindle Paperwhite
  • Page Perfect PDF for Barnes & Noble NOOK, and Nook Kids ePIB that supports interactivity for Nook Colour

Your content is transformed to the best publishing standards:

  • Integrating audio and video files, using HTML5 with ePub3 for enhanced eBooks or read aloud/ audio books
  • Embedding animation effects, using CSS3
  • Integrating interactive exercises, puzzles, games, Flash Cards, etc.
  • Producing fixed-layout eBooks
  • Web Accessible eBooks
  • Multilingual eBooks

eBook Production Workflow

Etechglobalserve ePublishing adopts XML-first workflow.

  • Digital-native, backlist and print-to-digital titles, as required by different platforms and genres
  • Testing on disparate devices—Kindle, Nook, iPad, etc., to evaluate features and functionality, and accordingly incorporate adjustments, and address other concerns
  • Conduct asset research for procurement of digital media rights & permissions
  • Define suitable vocabularies, identifiers, syntax to express metadata, metadata tagging
  • Our workflows are adaptable for all kinds of books (from children's literature to cookbooks, and academic publications), newspapers, STM journals, archival content or any other content type
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Digital Reading Experience using HTML5/ePub3

  • ePub package creation as well as validation
  • Advanced, responsive layout in ePub3 for an efficacious presentation of visual information in all sizes and orientations
  • ePub for education for developing semantically-enhanced ePub for Interactive eTextbooks and other learning content
  • ePub 3 coupled with HTML5 and CSS3 for interactive publications
  • Fixed layout (Enhanced / Multimedia / Read-Aloud) ePub for information-rich visualizations in cookbooks, poetry, textbooks, children's books or any other book containing illustrations.
  • Cross-platform compatibility with Amazon, Apple and Barnes & Noble device

Digital Transformation with KF8 Conversion

Leveraging the advanced KF8 features, Etechglobalserve ePublishing helps in creating advanced KF8 eBooks in both re-flow able format for text-heavy titles, fixed-layout format for children's picture books, comics and graphic novels, and Kindle edition with audio/video format.

Proper alignment, line spacing, sharp colours, margin, justification, border and style, embedded fonts, searchability, scalable vector graphics (SVG) that can be zoomed without loss of fidelity, floating elements like sidebars, callouts, boxed text, and images with text wrapping, together with meta data and alternate text are part of every digital product we create in KF8.

We can enhance your eBook by adding rich media content from other sources, and supplement course textbook with assessments & exercises, multi-media lecture notes, and other personalized content.

Our teams are familiar with the Kindle Publishing Guidelines and can help you enhance your digital transformation and market agility, with ease.

Enhanced & Multimedia Interactive eBooks

When it comes to creating enhanced eBooks that can deliver a richer reading experience for children’s picture books, educational/instructional texts, academic books loaded with charts and diagrams, STM content, photography books, travel guides, edutainment books, cookbooks, health & medical education, magazines, etc., Etechglobalserve ePublishing covers the whole publishing chain for transforming your content, right from:

  • Integrating interactive components such as quizzes and exercises & assessments, programmed in JavaScript, including (but not limited to):
    • True or False
    • Match the Following
    • Fill in the Blank
    • Ranking & Sequencing
    • Categorizing
    • Matrix Completion
    • Yes/ No with Explanation
    • Alternate Choice
    • Media Distractors
    • Video Demonstrations
    • Single Numerical Design
    • Glossary Pop-Ups
    • Multiple Answers
  • Producing fixed layout eBooks for rich and faithful reproduction of the print elements
  • Embedding audio and video using HTML5
  • Incorporating animation effects using CSS3
  • Creating Read-Aloud eBooks, synchronizing text and images with the narrated audio of an eBook
  • Including collapsible ToC to make navigation smooth, and hidden searchable text to make selective reading more convenient
  • Linking the content to external references
  • Linking the content internally with footnotes, cross references, indexes, annotations, etc.
  • Supplementing the content with semantic tagging to ensure interoperability and accessibility

Fixed-Layout Audio Books

State-of-the-art infrastructure, technical competency and dedicated teams make Etechglobalserve ePublishing a reliable partner for fixed layout read aloud eBook conversion services. With HTML5 and CSS3 the print titles are transformed into digital talking books Read aloud fixed layout eBook conversion services, include

  • Narrated storybooks
  • Digital talking books creation in different formats such as MP3, WMP, RA, etc.
  • Read aloud books creation in NIMAS and DAISY formats
  • Newspapers conversion in real-time Talking Newspapers
  • Math and Science books using inline ASCII Math
Complete Multimedia Support

To add advanced functionality and features to your read along audio books, we use HTML5 to embed audio and video files in the content documents. Further, we add media overlays to ensure synchronization of audio with the text of a content document for publication.


We create interactive, read-aloud books with text-to-speech (TTS) facilities such as Pronunciation Lexicons, Inline SSML Phonemes and CSS Speech Features to control aspects of speech synthesis like prosody, pronunciation and voice characteristics.

Global Language Support

To help you improve global distribution of publications, we add alternate representations of all text metadata items and create content for several languages and cultures. Equipped with teams of language specialists, we can produce read aloud books in different International languages like English, French, Spanish, Dutch, German, Italian, etc.

Enhanced Metadata

We add publication metadata to provide general information like titles, authors, identifiers, etc., as well as complete bibliographic details to the readers, as per your specific requirements to make your digital assets more searchable.

Multi Language eBooks

As part of our multilingual eBooks development services, Etechglobalserve ePublishing can successfully handle your content in different international languages to create eBooks.
Our team of developers, programmers, conversion specialists and language experts, supporting clients right from translating content – whether text, audio or visual data through to modifying and upgrading it for all kinds of readership. We can create eBooks in diverse languages such as English, Spanish, German, Russian, Polish French, Hebrew, Spanish, Arabic, Dutch, Italian and other Latin & Non-Latin languages.